Phoebe Chan is ready to make an impact in the idol world and now with her first EP out, things are only looking up from here.” - Cake!

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2nd Original EP: Chill Bee-Ts to Buzz to

These songs will take you on an emotional, melancholic ride through life’s highs and lows.

Chill Bee-Ts to Buzz to

After another successful Kickstarter with the love and support of her growing FeebeeHive community, Phoebe released her 2nd original EP "Chill Bee-ts to Buzz to" in April 2021. This EP features city pop and lofi-influenced songs in Japanese and English by many talented composers.

First Original EP: Moon Garden

These songs will make you dance, daydream, and laugh in a dreamy reverie.

Moon Garden

Crowdfunded entirely through Kickstarter, Phoebe worked with several of her favorite indie producers to create her very first original solo release, Moon Garden, featuring whimsical songs in both Japanese and English. Step into a wonderful, whimsical, fairytale world!

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