1. Breaking Free

From the recording Chill Bee-Ts to Buzz to


Trapped beneath the surface
Parched and unprepared
Trees should be swaying in the air, oh

But I can’t break through
Make my way to you
Mother earth has other plans
And the sun beats down
Scorching all throughout the land

I’m waiting
And waiting
And dreaming
Of breaking free

Huddled cold and sheltered
Deep within the ground
Seeds should be full of life unbound

But I’m not the same
And I’m all to blame
Maybe this is where I belong
And there’s scary sounds
Thundering in from out beyond

I’m listening
And hearing
The calling
Of life breaking free

Is it really what I’m thinking?
I’ve never seen, never heard, never felt this way before
But say, if there’s really something out there
That would wash away these tears
Let it break me, let it break me

The rain falls
I’m breaking free

(I’m growing and growing)
(The rain is falling. Rain is falling. Rain falls over me.)