Get ready to sing, dance, and smile with fairytale idol, Phoebe!

Singer, Voice Actress, Streamer, Lyricist

California-based vocalist, lyricist, voice actress, and online personality, Phoebe (also known by her online moniker "Feebeechanchibi") has been posting her covers of Japanese pop songs onto her YouTube channel since 2010. Now, she has grown from a passionate, budding songbird to into a professional vocalist producing her own original music. In particular, Phoebe is known for her soothing, heartwarming timbre and fairy-like vocals. As music curators Kawaii Fresh remarked, "Phoebe, as the star of the show, displays her airy and cutesy vocals front and center. Thus, delivering an fun and, indeed, whimsical performance."

Born in the U.S. and anime-raised by Filipino parents, Phoebe is a cross-cultural blend of East and West. From a young age, Phoebe had a passion for singing, particularly Japanese music, starting her YouTube channel as an elementary schooler. A decade later, Phoebe has not only amassed millions of views on YouTube, but has gone on to become a professional vocalist who is often contracted for recording, performing, and even lyric-writing work. She makes an appearance in games such as NOISZ Starlight and Wildfire: Ticket to Rock. Since she began streaming in May 2020, she has become a Twitch and YouTube Partner, as well as an Official Artist on YouTube. Solo, she is a full-time artist currently working to create original songs and self-produced her first original solo EP, Moon Garden, which released in May 2020, and most recently, her new EP Chill Bee-Ts to Buzz to.

In addition to her solo activities, Phoebe is a member of idol duo PhEri, with whom she has toured California and performed with multiple singers from Japan. She also provides the singing and speaking voice for Yuyu in virtual idol group Vivacu.

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